Citamora is an oil reclamation and refining company. We deploy proprietary technology to efficiently recover high quality oils from a variety of liquid and emulsified waste streams.

CITAMORA designs, develops and implements processing technologies that recover valuable hydrocarbons trapped in liquid and emulsified waste streams. The company’s technology transforms industrial wastes into products with significant commercial value. A few examples:

User motor oil

Industrial lubricants

Food wastes and animal fats

Vegetable oil

Key Differentiator

CITAMORA has developed a set of processes that leverage proven technologies in a highly efficient, small-scale facility. We obtain very high quality oils by breaking emulsions and eliminating contaminants from waste streams. Our technology does not require high heat and pressure, typical characteristics of hydrocarbon recycling processes. This results in significantly reduced costs as well as lower operational complexity and lower collateral environmental impacts. Its smaller size allows CITAMORA to optimally place facilities near raw material collection points, reducing the impact of high logistics costs, which characterize the used oil recycling industry.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

  • Safety


We value the safety and health of our employees and customers.

  • Excellence

    We focus on quality and efficiency with a passion to ensure we are leaders in our industry.

  • Environment

    We are committed to creating a more sustainable world.

  • Teamwork

    We strive to work as an integrated global team.