Our Markets

We develop innovative solutions that maximize both economic value and environmental sustainability for our partners, clients and associates.

Our Markets

Our technology has broad applicability in many industries. Generally, we look to identify waste streams that contain high levels of hydrocarbons or fats. We have experience in a wide variety of applications.


CITAMORA’s seeks to partner with generators or recyclers to upgrade their used oils into high quality fuels or lubricants.
Citamora’s technology creates opportunities for (a) small companies looking to significantly increase the quality of their used oils and (b) larger companies looking to improve yields, increase quality and reduce operating costs.


Coolants used in metalworking facilities become contaminated by mixing with other lube oils such as gear oils, as well as metal skimmings and other contaminants. Typically these streams are managed by wastewater treatment facilities that recover some of the oils and market them as low grade burner fuels. Citamora’s processes can significantly upgrade the value of these oils, allowing their sale into higher margin markets such as the diesel or lubricants markets.

Food wastes and animal fats

Citamora has developed an innovative process capable of reclaiming the valuable oils and proteins in discarded foods and other liquid or emulsified waste streams. The Citamora process cost effectively: (a) separates foods into their most elemental components (oils, proteins, carbohydrates, water), (b) sterilizes foods, which increases their shelf life and, in the case of proteins, (c) makes food more digestible than commercial formats.

Vegetable oil

Used vegetable oils from frying operations and restaurants are collected and recycled for production of biodiesel, soaps and cosmetics. Citamora’s processing solutions produce oils with the highest quality specifications without the need for costly heat based processes. Our solution is capable of processing both traditional yellow grease streams as well as more difficult brown grease streams.