Technology Overview

CITAMORA’s proprietary hydrocarbon recovery process is engineered to produce predictable, reliable and cost-competitive products.

Technology Overview

Our technology has broad applicability in many industries. Generally, we look to identify waste streams that contain high levels of hydrocarbons or fats. We have experience in a wide variety of applications.

We can recycle used automobile engine oils into clean oils that can be used as fuel on ships or as feedstock for the formulation of new lubricants. We can also recycle animal processing wastes or non uniform food wastes, recovering fats that can be sold as biodiesel feedstock and proteins which are marketable as highly valuable animal feeds.

Our Process

CITAMORA owns its technology and protects its intellectual property via patent solicitations as well as via strategic partnerships with vendors and clients. We maintain an active research and development program. CITAMORA’s proprietary process can be summarized in four standard steps:


Pre treatment of waste streams with CITAMORA reactants


Highly specialized nano filtration


Polishing process via traditional physical separation techniques


Recovery of CITAMORA reactants